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Millions of women suffer from poor urinary control, problems with intimacy, and bowel dysfunction. Join the many women of all ages who have found a safe and easy solution. Discover Hfitness.

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Pelvic Floor Exercises are a proven way to achieve pelvic floor health. First described in 1948 (known as Kegel exercises), pelvic exercises help treat urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, pelvic weakness from pregnancy, improve bowel function and promote better sex! Modern pelvic floor centers of excellence offer programs to most effectively promote pelvic floor health by incorporating exercises, nutrition, and education into one comprehensive program. Designed by physician and pelvic therapy experts, Hfitness brings this advanced and effective pelvic floor fitness to you!


Basic and specialized muscle exercises provide training for pelvic floor muscle strength. Your training program also focuses on proper posture, stretching, and breathing exercises to maximize all the components of a healthy core and pelvic floor.


Nutrition is a large part of a healthy bladder and pelvic floor. Your hfitness program provides a detailed nutrition guide to help you gain better control of your bladder and pelvic floor.


Understanding your pelvic floor anatomy leads to success! Your customized education modules that show you how the pelvic floor works, how it breaks down, and how your pelvic floor training program works!


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Hfitness DVDs come with all workouts, nutrition plans, and education modules … Or, choose an online membership to access all content from your computer, tablet, or phone!
Hfitness brings you pelvic floor solutions that work for you!

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Choose a program customized to your pelvic floor.
Or, choose a program that provides general pelvic floor exercises to promote health and prevention.
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