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A healthy bladder diet avoids common foods and drinks that are known to irritate your bladder. These irritants can trigger your bladder, causing more frequent and sudden trips to the bathroom or even loss of urine.

Beginning a healthy bladder diet is a bit of an experiment. Some foods are triggers in certain people while others are not. We suggest working on avoiding a few of the irritants listed each week so that you can figure out which are the biggest triggers for you. The 4 weekly steps of your healthy bladder diet will show you how to do this. During month two (your advanced weeks), use what you have learned to avoid those foods and drinks that are your biggest triggers.

Finally, a healthy bladder diet does not mean that you cannot enjoy food and drink anymore. It is about identifying your bladder triggers and practicing moderation. If coffee is a big irritant but you love your coffee, consider limiting it to one cup daily…or every other day.